'when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time' - maya angelou

I am a big believer in the value of first impressions. Your first point of contact tells me a lot about you, in addition to whether you are the type of gentleman whom I believe can best enjoy the experience I offer.  I tend to ignore one-liner messages such as 'hey' or 'are you available', so please introduce yourself, give me some indication of what you would like to experience and when. The more information you give me, the more comfortable I will be about seeing you and I will feel more confident in providing you with the best experience possible. I never use the information you give me to discriminate or judge you, but rather to create an idea about you as an individual. Furthermore, everything you tell me is strictly confidential and kept private. I pride myself on my ability to be discrete at all times.

Laila x

 Some suggestions of details to include within your enquiry;

  • Basic details: Name (full name preferred), age, etc

  • Experience: Have you seen a companion before, or is this your first time?

  • Preferences: Do you enjoy anything in particular, is this there anything you'd like to try during our time together?

  • Requests: Is there a specific outfit or lingerie ensemble that you'd love to see me in?

  • Location: Your place or mine?

  • Duration: How long would you like to spend with me?

  • Time: Do you have a time in mind?

I look forward to your warm enquiry and, provided that it is considerate of my above requests, will reply as promptly as time allows.