"There is no effect more disproportionate to its cause than the happiness bestowed by a small compliment." - Robert Brault


"If escorting were a crown then Laila would be the crowning jewel. This amazing young woman is worth every single penny, I've seen her a few times now and each time seems to get better.This time we decided to treat ourselves to a 2 day stay at a 5* hotel for Valentine's day. She welcomed me with her gorgeous long dark hair flowing down her slim and perfectly formed body, which even looked great fully clothed in her very tasteful outfit, and a smile that could send me to my knees. I had so much fun both outside the bedroom catching up over food and drinks as well as endless enjoyment back a t the hotel. Laila's taste in lingerie is excellent when she stripped down for me, revealing her bountiful breasts and her amazing ass which were barely contained by her naughty attire. Laila is so intuitive and knows just how to please you without telling her. Her kisses genuinely passionate and the feeling of her breath close to me and her hands all over my body is one that I will never forget. As I don't get the chance to see Laila often I highly recommend anyone who has the opportunity to take a dive into a heavenly hour or few with this beauty.A true gem, inside and out."


Had pleasure of catching up with Laila few weeks back for PSE. No doubt I was nervous during my early hours of the booking, she is great person to talk with..pick any topic- she won’t back out. Her conversation skills are amazing when it comes to calm someone’s nerves down! What appealed the most to me- she doesn’t like to judge anyone. Very positive individual to spend quality time with. I won’t go in details about my booking. In few words, it was wild/mad/exciting/sex marathon. I have never come across anyone who is so passionate about sex and enjoys every moment. Yes she is addictive!  Finally I have come across someone who understand my desires and takes that extra mile to a put a smile on my face.  Can’t wait to see her again!


"I was fortunate enough to catch up with gorgeous Laila. Beautiful as you can see here, hot as fire and well educated in sex related psychology. She not only provided first class services in bed but also enjoyed herself completely with whole body orgasms. We shall do it again! Thanks Laila!"

"As a naturally self-conscious and shy person, I was incredibly nervous meeting Laila. However, upon meeting Laila, her easy -going personality, put me at ease within minutes. I was instantly mystified by Laila's beauty, in which is paralleled by her intellect. Laila's intelligence made engaging in conversation an incredible experience in itself.Laila provides such an individualistic experience, which I was glad to have been apart of and will most definitely return.."

"Without trying to sound too cliche, Laila is a true beauty in every sense of the word!
From her stunning good looks to her captivating personality she is a completely unforgettable experience.My time with Laila was a fantastic experience, one that I hoped would never end.I was feeling  rather nervous as the booking approached, however as soon as I walked in the door Laila's kind reassuring nature made me feel right at home.We began with a brief chat that quickly escalated into a flurry of passionate kissing and undressing. from there we proceeded to the bedroom, for some of the best, most satisfying sex I've ever had.I will certainly be back to see her again and again."

"I'm normally a shy person and was a little anxious meeting up with someone new. I was greeted by the aboslutely gorgeous Laila, who not only took to me and made me feel so comfortable, that I was relishing just having a conversation with her, but she also showed me things that both felt amazing and were amazing to try. She is, without a doubt, a once in a lifetime experience that I will definitely be re-experiencing whenever I can. From a loving, bubbly and welcoming personality to a stunninghly beautiful body and gorgeous smile, Laila will never make you wanna leave. Do yourself a favour and make yourself acquainted. Don't miss out on an opportunity with her."