I am a well-spoken, Brit; originally born in London, I have traveled the world extensively, spending four years escorting between both the UK and Australia. My current base city is Manchester, in the North West of England. Just a quick internet search of my name will provide you with pages of internationally glowing reviews and feedback, as well as a large online Twitter presence to allow you an insight in to my down to earth personality. Being somewhat of a minx between the sheets, have an insatiable appetite for all things sexual and erotic. I am unapologetic ally hedonistic; I have many fantasies - many of which I have been daring enough to explore. I very much enjoy the seduction of encouraging others to also explore their fantasies in a safe, judgement free space. I am articulate, witty and intelligent. I have a Psychology degree from a top English university and enjoy long discussions about science, politics, travel & culture. I am currently five years in to eight years of training to become a sexual psychotherapist . Consequently, I am very knowledgeable about the psychology and physiology of sex, across all genders, sexualities, kinks, fetishes and relationship styles. Nothing phases me or shocks me - in and out of the bedroom!



I am a petite 5ft 3 inches of silky, olive skin, with perfectly sculpted curves and an ass to die for. Having been blessed with an exotic mix of Maltese and English heritage, I have dark, almond shaped eyes, high cheekbones and naturally bee-stung, full lips. Depending on the time of year, you'll either find me with a gorgeous deep, golden tan, or beautiful pale olive skin. I take pride in keeping my face au naturel and enhancement free.My face is framed with hair tumbling down my back in brown, soft waves. Run your hands through my hair, down to my body and across my chest, where you will find my perky, supple 34E breasts, which I hope you'll play with and enjoy as much as I do. Run your hands over my smooth, defined stomach and curvaceous hips, between my gorgeously toned legs, where you'll find yourself in pure ecstasy...


 am full of life and energy, grabbing every chance to try something new with both hands; I adore extreme sports, travel, the outdoors & the ocean. That being said, I love being at home with my two dogs, too - I aim to live a life of balance. My heart is kind; I am a loving person, whom you will find to be sex positive and judgement free, meaning we can discuss your sexual needs and desires in confidence. With me, you will find yourself in a safe haven. I do not discriminate with my clientele; race, shape, size or religion is irrelevant; only your ability to treat me with kindness and respect is essential. I hope for us to not only share an unforgettable sexual experience, but also some laughs and smiles, too. Please do not let my confident and provocative nature fool you; I am incredibly down to earth and do not take myself too seriously! I love to be silly, unwind & relax with my clients. I believe that the best bookings unfold where both a sexual chemistry and a natural friendship co-exist.